A woman with glasses and stethoscope standing in front of trees.

Dr. Rebecca Kellerstein, BSc, ND

Ever since I was a child, I knew my calling was to become a doctor. When I sustained a back injury in my teens and conventional medicine was unhelpful, I turned to a naturopathic doctor for assistance. That is when I first discovered how truly remarkable naturopathic medicine is and decided that a naturopathic doctor was the kind of healer that I needed to be.

I never knew that becoming a naturopathic doctor would literally save my life. A few years ago, I started getting symptoms that seemed like nothing much. But because, as a naturopathic doctor, I am guided by seemingly innocuous body clues to detect insidious disease processes, I turned my clinical eye on myself and embarked on the journey to discover what precisely was the root cause of these little symptoms. It turned out to be cancer, caught far earlier than usual because of my naturopathic training.

As I was going through conventional cancer therapy, I relied heavily on my knowledge of naturopathic medicine to help me through the therapy, physically and emotionally. When I finished conventional treatments, I was quickly able to regain my health because of naturopathic medicine.

I truly practice what I preach and have made it my life’s purpose to help others regain their health. I assist my patients by piecing together their body’s clues to uncover the root causes of their health concerns.

I use comprehensive testing when necessary and choose natural therapies that optimize their body’s natural functions, ultimately allowing them to regain their health too.

The Technical Stuff:

After completing my undergraduate studies at The University of Toronto, where I was a four-time Dean’s List award earner, I graduated with High Distinction, receiving an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology, a minor in immunology, and received the Dr. James A. and Connie P. Dickson Award for Academic Excellence.

I then completed four years of study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating at the top of my class in 2000 and earning several awards, including the Governor’s Medal of Excellence Award for Academic and Clinical Excellence, the Saveira Zambri Award for Clinical Experience, and the Dr. J. Farquarhson Award for Excellence in Homeopathic Medicine. Afterward, I completed three extra years of training to hone my skills in homeopathic medicine.

I opened my practice in Thornhill, Ontario, and worked there for nearly two decades before joining forces with the team at Limitless Health Naturopathic Clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario, in 2017.

Aside from my practice, I have been heavily involved in teaching at various colleges. From 2009-2017, I was the instructor of the Physical Examination course at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. Since 2000, I have been an Associate Instructor for several courses at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, including Acupuncture, Fundamentals of Naturopathic Medicine, Orthopedics, and Naturopathic Spinal and Peripheral Joint Manipulation. I also give lectures around the city on topics about the various ways that people can optimize their health.

Working as a naturopathic doctor isn’t just a career for me; it’s a passion that I am privileged to do. And not only am I passionate about my work, but I’m also passionate about my patients. The beauty of this is that patients feel the same way about me as I do about them. They banded together to help me receive The Thornhill Liberal Newspaper’s “Reader’s Choice Top Naturopathic Doctor Award” for two years in a row. And when I help patients, I feel like I am doing what I am meant to do—to help people achieve wellness to the best of my abilities, with all the care, thoughtfulness, and dedication that I can give.


Initial Consultation
Adults, Students, Seniors $350.00

Children (0-12 years old) $299.00

First Follow-Up Visit

Adults, Students, Seniors, Children $165.00 (45 minutes)

Subsequent Visits

Adults, Students, Seniors, Children $110.00 (30 minutes)

First Follow-Up Visit

Adults, Students, Seniors, Children $165.00 (45 minutes)

Subsequent Visits

Adults, Students, Seniors, Children $110.00 (30 minutes)

Return Visit (After Not Seeing the Doctor for Over 1 Year)

Adults, Students, Seniors $165.00 (45 minutes)

Children (0-12 years old) $165.00 (45 minutes)

Return Visit (After Not Seeing the Doctor for Over 3 Years)

Adults, Students, Seniors
$300.00 (90 minutes)

Children (0-12 years old)
$220.00 (60 minutes)

If You Need More Time for Your Subsequent Visits

45 minutes $165.00

60 minutes$220.00

75 minutes$275.00

90 minutes $300.00

Acute Telephone Consultations

10 minutes $55.00

20 minutes $85.00

Microcurrent Nonsurgical Face-Lift

Adult, Senior $165.00 (45 minutes)