Julie Mancuso B.A., R.H.N, Nutritionist

Julie Mancuso B.A., R.H.N, Nutritionist


Julie is a registered holistic nutritionist trained by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Julie has worked as a Toronto nutritionist for over 10 years.

Julie knows what you’re going through.

Health, wellness and nutrition is a true passion for Julie. She entered the field due to her own personal health problems that the medical world was unable to resolve. Much like you, she was left frustrated and overwhelmed. By changing her diet, taking natural remedies and seeking help and guidance from other health practitioners, Julie was able to bounce back. On account of her first-hand experience, Julie understands exactly what you’re going through and now has a strong desire to help.

Her clients include people from all walks of life: men, women, professionals, housewives, new and expectant mothers, athletes, as well as those who suffer from various health ailments. Several corporations (e.g., Marriott, Rycom Inc., Town Shoes) have implemented Julie’s programs–company-wide, to promote employee health and wellness.

How is Julie different than all the other health experts out there? One, Julie is a registered holistic nutritionist who has over a decade of experience as a leading nutritionist in the Greater Toronto Area. Her programs get her clients results, pure and simple. Two, Julie uses the science of eating to help you get to the root of your problem, effectively creating customized programs to reach your personal objectives, helping you achieve that often elusive goal of feeling and looking better physically, as well as feeling better mentally.

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