Dr. Vivian Kwan, ND

Dr. Vivian Kwan, ND

Dr. Vivian Kwan, ND’s hours are Tuesday from 9am till 6pm.

Services Price List

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Naturopathic Appointment

Initial appointment 60 min $240

Follow-up visit 60 min $200

Follow-up visit 30min $100

Modified Perineural Therapy

$90 (30 min)


$90 (45min)


$80 (30min)


IV Treatments

IV Service appointment $100

IV bag $45

Glutathione add on $30

Injection Treatments

B12 $20 (15 min time slots for appointment time)

Vitamin D $60 (15 min time slot for appointment time)


Dr. Vivian Kwan is a naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner with special focus on chronic complex conditions including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic infections including EBV and Lyme disease, post cancer and adjunctive cancer care.

Dr. Kwan believes in thorough investigation into the root cause of your symptoms and uses a systematic wholistic approach to wellness. She is licensed through the College of Naturopaths Ontario, and is a member of Institute of Functional Medicine. She has additional training and education through ILADs 

As a working mother of three, she recognizes the challenges families are faced finding time to care for their children’s health and most of all their own health.   She understands the challenges for dietary and lifestyle changes especially when you do not feel your best self, and will work with you to find strategies to support each individual needs.  Using a variety of modalities including IV infusion therapies, gentle but powerful botanical herbs, acupuncture and physical medicine, there is no shortage in tools to support her patients to meet their health goals. 

Outside of practice Dr. Kwan serves as a chair on the board of directors of Naturopaths Without Borders and volunteers with them regularly in Haiti and Thailand.  

Some other passions include: travelling, competitive dragon boating, competitive dance (the girls), food (both eating and cooking), a restful day in cuddling with the dogs.

Dr. Kwan believes that everyone has potential to reach their own health goals, by identifying the root cause, and addressing each patient individually as a whole.

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